The Last Homely House

After many adventures, Bilbo moved from his independent life at Bag End
to a retirement home. The House of Elrond in Rivendell provided him with
a welcome and a safe space to age, write his memoirs and build his
friendships before taking ship to the Undying Lands. It was his Last
Homely House.



We call residential care facilities home, but there are so many ways
in which this idea is fiction, a greater fantasy than Rivendell. It
doesn’t have to be this way. Funders and architects can accommodate sex,
affection and luxury. The idea of home should be more than a cheap
marketing ploy, so managers, frontline staff and relatives can insist
that it shapes how things are done in the kitchen, the lounge, the
community and the bedroom.  For nearly half a million people in England,
residential care is their last refuge. It could become their last
homely house.

To read a lengthy review of research literature on homeliness and care homes, go to

If you want support to think about ways to make your care facility  more homely, contact

The Last Homely House

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