Supporting older people in care homes at night

Diana Kerr, Heather Wilkinson and Colm Cunningham  29th Apr 2008


Although night-time care forms a significant
part of care home provision, little research has focused on this. Night
staff are a vulnerable group, receiving less training, supervision and
support than day staff, but with high levels of responsibility.

report examines the perspectives of residents, relatives, staff and
care home inspectors. It identifies areas of good and poor practice, and
recommends ways to make improvements through a series of interventions.

Issues explored in depth include:

  • the role of regulatory bodies in night-time care inspection;
  • the role of managers in supervising and monitoring night-time care;
  • causes of distress and sleep disturbance amongst residents;
  • the need to reduce the number of checks that occurs throughout the night;
  • the training of night staff in areas such as dementia awareness and the management of continence;
  • guidance on appropriate noise and light levels; and
  • strategies for developing more person-centred care at night

Supporting older people in care homes at night

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