The Care Home Handbook

The sections covered in the handbook are comprehensive and nothing
about care home life is left untouched. Additionally, there is an
external focus on engagement  with working with other professionals
in the health and care systems.

Each section is helpful, brief and
accessible and reports the topics through the personalisation
lens. This book should be used in the way the authors
intended. It is not a handbook that must be read from cover to cover
but rather to be used as a navigational aid when needed and relevant to
the issues.

The contributing authors reflect a wide array of talents and experience linked to the care of elderly and frail people. They have,
by providing brief oversight of the salient themes, assured the
most up to date approaches to meeting the needs of care home
residents. The opportunity to have one’s practices shaped, helped and reinforced by the contributing authors is a
privilege for all and one that will benefit care home residents and
their families.

Alan Rosenbach, who in 2015 was Special Policy Lead, Care Quality Commission London; writing in Handbook foreword.

The Care Home Handbook

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