Key points

The German Government has issued financial support and loosened monitoring rules for care providers during this pandemic so that the residential and ambulatory care that people receive can be maintained.

The federal structure of the country enhances the ability of individual states to respond to the need of their population. However, this also leads to a situation where responses differ from state to state.

The Robert Koch Institute provides regularly updated guidance, recommendations and advice for specific care settings.

The Robert Koch Institute issues a daily update on the number of confirmed and recovered COVID-19 cases as well as of the number of COVID-19 related deaths. However, data is not disaggregated by care setting. This means that there is no information on the number of cases in institutional care settings.

While there is detailed guidance and planning for institutional care settings, there is very little COVID-19 specific information for people with care needs living in their own homes or for and on their unpaid carers. There are, however, existing funding mechanisms in place to support families providing care in the community.

There is a lack of information and advice regarding the care of people living with dementia

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