Tips for housing sector on end of life care

In particular, it recommends:                                                                  

  • All tenants who become unwell should have an Advance Care Plan
    documenting stating what their wishes and preferences would be before
    and after death, and with their consent share this with their next of
    kin usually their families
  • Record specific aspects of care such as ‘DNACPR’ (Do Not Attempt
    Cardio respiratory Resuscitation) or the ReSPECT form if it is being
    used in your area
  • Find out how to access support for your tenants’ needs from both
    health and social care to access medication and any equipment if
  • Create a list of available support that includes a list contact names and numbers especially when in need of emergency, and
  • Do encourage the use of technology (such as Skype or the phone) to keep tenants and families in touch.

If you have a tenant who requires end of life care, keeping them
within your facility will be important in these unprecedented times. It
is important now to find out how you can receive further support from
your local palliative care team as many are providing virtual support
via skype or similar.

Tips for housing sector on end of life care

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