Supporting care homes during the virus

It is a particularly challenging time for staff and residents, as an outbreak of the virus at a #carehome could be devastating. How can we support them?

  1. Give your care home a call and ask them what their needs are at this
    time and if there is any particular support they need. They may be so
    busy dealing with the urgent that they are unable to think of anything –
    let them know that they can contact you if they think of anything later
  2. Show care home staff how much we appreciate all they are
    doing to look after and protect our vulnerable older people during this
    time of crisis. Send them a thank you card and some chocolates.
  3. In our area we are hoping to get some funding to buy android tablets to
    give to the care homes that staff can use to help residents have video
    chats with their loved ones. Residents with capacity can also use them
    to play online games like Words with Friends and chess, that connect
    them to the outside world.
  4. If you have a background in care,
    perhaps you could offer to go on a reserve list of bank staff that care
    home managers can call on should they experience a shortage.
  5. If
    you have children at home, perhaps they could write letters or draw
    pictures that could be sent to the care homes to cheer the staff and

Supporting care homes during the virus

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