‘I was put into care home for elderly at 46’

A year ago Nina Thair was living in her own home and working as a teacher at a secondary school in Brighton.

She had overcome many challenges after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in her late 20s – 17 years ago.

But she was still able to live independently with the help of walking aids.

After a deterioration in her condition, all that changed.

A lack of support in the community meant she had to be admitted to hospital.

from there, she was transferred to a care home for the elderly as she
needed a wheelchair and could no longer cope with the stairs at her

“The care was fantastic – the system is full of people doing
their absolute best in very challenging circumstances,” Ms Thair says.

“But I should not have been there. I am a 46-year-old woman and I was in a bed that was meant for a dementia patient.

"There are just not the services available for working-age adults like me.”

‘I was put into care home for elderly at 46’

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