Who cares? Financialisation in social care


A growing reliance on private provision could mean lower quality care. There are a number of potential linkages between ownership and quality.

We need to be bold and arrest the growth of debt-fuelled private providers in social care. IPPR
calls for a bold set of policy interventions to arrest the growth of
debt-fuelled private social care provision and oversee the existing

  1. the creation of a powerful national financial care
    regulator – OfCare – to oversee the financial regulation of systemically
    important care providers

  3. a new requirement that ensures all state-funded
    providers of care maintain a ‘safe’ level of reserves and demonstrate
    they are paying their fair share of tax in the UK

  5. a commitment by government to build the 75,000 beds needed to by 2030 through borrowing worth £7.5 billion

  7. the care for these homes should either be provided
    by the state or by innovative not-for-profit providers, building on the
    success of the ‘Preston Model’.

Who cares? Financialisation in social care

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