Care homes urged to reduce choking deaths

Data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) reveals that in 2017,
60 residents died directly from choking-related incidents in care homes.
In 2016, 60 residents also died from choking, while in 2015, the rate
was 62 and in 2014, 53.    

Over the last few years, care home residents have died after choking on
food such as chicken nuggets, dough balls, a sandwich, a piece of bread
and a segment of orange.    

Up to 75 per cent of care home residents have dysphagia, which means they find it difficult to swallow, eat or drink.  

The Inter-professional Dysphagia Framework
(IDF) sets out the knowledge and skills care staff require to do
this.The IDF should be implemented in every care home to ensure
residents receive safe and effective care.”

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Care homes urged to reduce choking deaths

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