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I’ve just been listening again to the
hearing of the Joint Parliamentary Human Rights Committee
, where two
members of the Care Quality Commission (CQC) are grilled about their lamentable
(to put it charitably) ‘inspection’ practices in relation to Whorlton Hall and
St Andrews. One of the repeated refrains of the CQC people (apart from blaming
everyone else) is that their inspection methods perhaps aren’t very good at
identifying abusive behaviour in inpatient services, due to pesky staff ‘colluding’
in trying to hide their abusive practices (my interpretation and gloss of their
words…) and even more pesky inpatients ‘inconsistently’ sometimes reporting
abusive practices and their fear of speaking out while at other times reporting
to inspectors that they were being treating with dignity. Meanwhile, both
people who have spent time as inpatients and family members of people who have
been or currently are inpatients say time and time again that when they raise
allegations of abuse to the CQC there are ignored or given the brush-off.


Read in full here

Chris Hatton’s blog

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