Older people’s decisions about extra-care housing

In this blog Kate Baxter talks about Sarah Hillcoat-Nallétamby’s paper ‘Pathways to choice’ of care setting.
The paper is about older people’s involvement in decisions to move to
an extra-care housing scheme. Extra-care housing combines accommodation
where people can live independently with on-site personal care and
domestic support. There can also be communal spaces and activities.
Extra-care facilities are so diverse that it’s hard to put a figure on
how many there are; the best I could find is the Housing LIN (Learning
and Improvement Network), which cites the Elderly Accommodation Counsel
figure of 49,000 units of extra-care housing in the UK in 2014. There’s
evidence that the comfort and privacy of extra-care settings is
preferable to that of care homes (Moriarty, 2015).

Older people’s decisions about extra-care housing

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