The Care Workers Charity


There are nearly 2 million care workers in the UK,
contributing to one of Britain’s largest workforces, caring for some of the of
the most vulnerable people in our society.

For Britain’s care workers, early starts, long hours and
mentally draining work are part and parcel of the job. As a result, it’s all
too easy for illness, or other unforeseen circumstances, to push them beyond
their financial limits.

There are around 3,000 benevolent funds of all shapes and sizes
across the UK, supporting people from all manner of working backgrounds, such
as the police, fire fighters, pharmacists and mechanics when they fall into
financial difficulties.

But until 2009 there was nothing to support the care sector,
that’s where the Care Workers Charity comes in.

Our vision is for no care worker to face financial hardship


Champions are our eyes and ears on the ground. They lead on
fundraising in their local community, raising the profile of our cause and sign
posting care workers experiencing hardship to our grants.

Being a Champion is great, you get to become part of a huge
network of supporters across all kinds of care providers and suppliers who are
working to spread our message.

Those who volunteer their time will be assisted with support
from our engagement team. Champions will also be invited to attend our regional
annual conferences and given additional training, these new skills will help
each volunteer to be an amazing Champion and empower them to take additional skills
back to the work place.


We provide benevolent grants to those who have worked within
the UK care profession in a registered domiciliary, residential care, day
centre or supported living services as defined by CQC, CSSIW or SCRC.

We can help with many unexpected financial situations
including, the financial impact of someone close to you dying, sudden illness
or injury, sudden change in living circumstance, sudden loss of income or a relationship
break down.

If you think you could benefit from our support head to our
website to find our grant criteria and an application form.

Contact Us

You can find more information about anything mentioned here
on our website at

If you have any questions about becoming a Champion or
getting more involved with any events at the Care Workers Charity, contact

If you would like any more information about grants, please
check out the grants section on our website or email

Grant Case Studies

Esme’s Story

Esme, 61, is as a support
worker and has been a care worker since 2012. Esme went through a rough patch
in her life, when she was forced to sell her house after being made redundant
and was out of work for a year. The move from her home to rented accommodation
was tough on Esme, and the process left her without many basic items she had
previously been able to rely upon. She was left with just the bare minimum in
her new accommodation, most of which was loaned by her daughter, a member of
Esme’s church helped her apply to the Care Worker’s Charity for assistance. The
member of her church who supported the application confirmed Esme had next to
nothing in her flat and it would make a real difference to her life if someone
was able to help.

Ms. Jones

Ms. Jones has worked in the same job as a carer within a
care home since 1997 and loves her job. A couple of years ago her family’s
lives were changed forever when they were involved in a serious car accident in
which one of their daughters tragically died. Unable to cope, Ms. Jones’s
relationship with her long-term partner broke down and he moved out of the
family home. Baby George was born in December 2015 after Mr. Jones had left and
Ms. Jones went through most of the pregnancy and the birth alone, worried sick
about how she was going to cope. Since the birth of her baby, Ms. Jones has
reduced her hours at work and struggles on her income. She manages to cover
essentials but has nothing left over for unexpected events such as home repairs,
outings or extras for the children. The last straw came when whilst she was
pregnant, a leak in her kitchen roof got worse and water was dripping down the
walls and into the electrics. She was assigned a housing support worker who put
her in touch with CWC. They were able to assist by paying for the repairs to
the roof.

Champion Case Studies

Name: Caroline

Home: Westcliff

What inspired you to
become a Champion?

I was inspired to be a Champion as I thought it was an
amazing opportunity, I was immediately engaged in the cause and started
building a great relationship with my engagement manager.

What has been the
highlight of being a Champion for you?

I have loved encouraging everyone to take part and get
involved with the fundraising events we have held for the charity. I have also
enjoyed feeling empowered enough to tell everyone about a charity that supports
us as careers.

Why would you
recommend someone else should become a Champion?

I would recommend anyone becoming a Champion because it’s a
really worthwhile charity which helps to highlight the importance of careers in
residential life. In my home it has also allowed residents to feel like they
can support those who support them.

Name: Raj Kumar

Supplier: ACCTV

What inspired you to
become a Champion?

I heard about the CWC and the rainy day fund for everyday heroes it inspired me
to become a champion and to become part of the greater cause.

What has been the
highlight of being a Champion for you?

this year I planned a skydive and it was amazing to see everyone come together
to make it a grand success, from Avi Gidar Director Broome End Care who
sponsored us to do the Skydive and our colleagues and friends at ACC who
encouraged and stood behind to make it happen. It was nerve racking moment to
jump off from 15,000 feet but also overcoming my own fear, was a proud moment
to fundraise for CWC’s cause.

Why would you recommend someone else should become a Champion?

We need
more champions to assist in every way possible, so they can support and
fundraise in their local community and raise awareness of the cause.

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