On behalf of our international project team developing a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) in Social Pedagogy across Europe, we warmly invite you to our fire starter event. Hosted by the University of Central Lancashire on the 6th
of September, 2018, the event is an exclusive opportunity to get a
first look of the MOOC, talk to some of the pilot learners, teams and
organisations involved, and learn how you can embed the MOOC in
organisational practice, training and academic courses.

have been developing the MOOC with the aim of providing an exciting and
meaningful learning resource about central principles in social
pedagogy and how these can enhance social pedagogical practice beyond
national boundaries. And we have invited you, because we hope you can
help us make the MOOC freely available to interested learners across the

We hope you’ll be able to join us and become part of a dynamic international network committed to developing social pedagogy.

The fire starter event forms part of our Erasmus+ funded 3-year project
and is therefore completely free to attend, with overnight
accommodation for international guests and food provided. Please note
that places are limited and allocated in accordance with our funding
conditions. Please RSVP by 15th April via this link or contact us for further details

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