Which? Elderly Care

In this guide Which? explain what should be in a good #carehome contract,
things to look out for and what to do if you spot any problems.

You will find information about:

1. Contracts: the basics
2. Unfair terms
3. Checking your contract
4. What to do if there’s a problem before you’ve signed
5. What to do if there’s a problem after you’ve signed

There is a downloadable checklist as the foot of this page, which
includes the questions that are listed. The checklist features questions to ask about other aspects of the care home from Questions to ask when choosing a care home.

A care home contract should cover:

  • the cost of care, including the notice period for any increases
  • any deposits or advance payments required
  • details of any trial period offered
  • what is and isn’t covered by the care home insurance
  • the type of accommodation provided
  • the level of care to be provided
  • any additional fees and charges that may be incurred
  • the cost and details of any extra services, such as meals, laundry,
    personal care (eg hairdressing, chiropody), television and phone bills
  • what happens if residents are temporarily absent from the care home (eg in hospital)
  • the terms of cancellation of the contract, both on your part and on that of the care home, including the required notice period
  • the complaints procedure.

Which? Elderly Care

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