Social Pedagogy as Education in its broadest sense

Inaugural SPPA conference on 6th October 2017 at Woburn House, London WC1H 9HQ

Social pedagogy is often defined as ‘education in its broadest sense’.

Social pedagogy in the UK is most recently associated with more
effective, relationship centred, children’s social care, based in theory
and concerned with the whole child as well as caring and learning for
carers and staff. Social pedagogy is an educational approach to social
problems, so it is not just about meaningful and respectful
relationships, important as they are. Social pedagogy is also about
development of the whole person, in families, institutions and
communities. It is about realising potential, often in small steps, but
with wide horizons.

We are delighted, therefore, to invite you to attend the first SPPA
conference. SPPA is the professional home of social pedagogy in the UK.
Its aim is to be a place and space where everyone interested in social
pedagogy can learn, debate, network, share good practice and gain new

Never has social pedagogy been more important for the UK.

Care and education are twin aims of social pedagogy: it is where care
and education meet. There are overlaps and commonalities with the world
famous Reggio Emilia approach to early education in Italy, and with the
practice in Camphill Communities in relation to institutionally located
care for people with disabilities. Evaluations of social pedagogy
training and development activities clearly show workforce development
benefits as well as benefits for children and young people.

Social pedagogy is a very positive response to ever encroaching
austerity measures and the first SPPA conference will be a chance to
make links between children’s social care and other settings where a
social pedagogic approach might be relevant. Early childhood education
and care services, and schools, are two obvious places where children
and adults are in a professional relationship and concerned with growth
and development of the whole child. Youth work is another. Social
pedagogy is not just concerned with children and young people. Social
pedagogues are also to be found working with adults with disabilities,
offenders and older people attending day care centres or living in
residential homes. All of these are affected by financial pressures and
ever increasing service demands.

The conference will be a welcoming and invigorating blend of
inspirational key note speakers, experiential and practice based
workshops, evolving special interest groups and networking. We look
forward to your active participation!

View detailed workshops and Special Interest Groups (SIGs) information here

Please note: The evening of Thursday 5th October 2017 will be a Members Only event, at which the 1st
Annual General Meeting of the Social Pedagogy Professional Association
will also be held. Formal notification of the AGM will be sent to
Members in accordance with SPPA Articles of Assocation.

You can book your place here

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