Six times less likely: Care leavers and their paths to higher education

The state has intervened in the lives of children in care and care
leavers in the most extreme way, taking them away from their birth
families and assuming responsibility for them. We all share a duty to
ensure they succeed as adults. Listed as an under-represented group in
government guidance to the Director of Fair Access since 2011, care
leavers are included in approximately 80 per cent of 2016/17 university access agreements. Yet while care leavers remain a target group according to the Office for Fair Access (OFFA) website, it is concerning that strategic guidance for developing 2018/19 Access Agreements
does not identify them as a priority group. The guidance only asks
institutions to develop existing work with disadvantaged groups, without
specifically referring to care leavers (even though care leavers were
listed as a priority group in previous years).

Six times less likely: Care leavers and their paths to higher education

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