Nursery opens in care home giving residents a ‘new lease of life’

Benefits and challenges of co-location   

In Japan, the first formal combined nursery and care home was opened in
Tokyo in 1976, and became an established trend. By the 1990s the idea
had moved to America, of which the best-known co-location is called
Providence Mount St Vincent in Washington, where the older residents are
offered the chance to play in the pre-school once a day.    

The benefits of intergenerational care are not just social. The
recruitment and retention of staff is currently one of the biggest
issues many care providers are facing. Experience from other countries
shows that co-location can provide opportunities for providers to share
costs, whilst staff can grow and develop, undertaking new challenges in
different settings.    

However, co-location does present its challenges, particularly in
relation to safeguarding vulnerable adults and children, and finding a
suitable location big enough to provide both childcare and residential
care services.

Credit: St Monica’s

Nursery opens in care home giving residents a ‘new lease of life’

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