What can we learn from social living models that might help us in the UK?

Recent strides to improve the quality of
research, learning and practice development in the care home sector has
been a focal point of Care England funded by the Department of Health.
For example the Teaching Care Home Pilot and in Scotland the focus has
been on creating person centered research based care homes.

However the CASCADE project is quite different – Community Areas of Sustainable Care And Dementia Excellence in Europe.  

is a novel social innovation cross border EU initiative between
partners in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and England (2 Seas region)
which aims to evaluate the Guest Houses with Care model in three case
study sites.  There is widespread anecdotal evidence that these models
are associated with a range of care outcomes that enable people to live
well at or close to home but there is no published research evidence
base to date.

               Social living models for people with dementia: future ways of living well at home? – Evidently Cochrane

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